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Defensive Driving Techniques That Can Help You Avoid Accidents

Here at Capalbo Insurance Group LLC, providing residents in the greater South Kingstown, RI area with auto insurance, we are committed to helping drivers stay safe when they are driving. One of the best ways to decrease your chances of being involved in an automobile accident is to drive defensively.

Here are a few defensive driving techniques that you can use to help you avoid accidents:

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

One of the best defensive driving techniques is to always be aware of your surroundings. This involves paying attention to what is not only in front of you but what is surrounding you as well. By paying attention to your surroundings, you can spot hazards and hazardous drivers.

Always Ensure Your Speed is Safe For the Conditions

Another defensive driving tip that can help you to avoid accidents is to ensure you are always driving at a safe speed for the road and driving conditions. Speeding leads to accidents.

Have an Escape Route in Your Head

Lastly, as you are driving, always have an escape route in your mind. If the big rig next to you tries to change lanes, where will you go? Thinking ahead and thinking about escape routes is one of the best ways to avoid accidents.

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Defensive driving techniques are the most effective way to minimize your chances of being involved in an automobile accident. By being aware of your surroundings, ensuring your speed is safe for the conditions, and having an escape in your head, you can drive safely.

It is important to point out though, that some accidents are simply unavoidable, and that is why it is important to have the right auto insurance for your needs. If you are looking to purchase a new auto insurance policy in the South Kingstown, RI metroplex, Capalbo Insurance Group LLC would love to assist you. Call us today to learn more.

Can adult children remain on their parents’ auto policy?

If you live in or near South Kingstown, RI, you may be wondering whether or not your adult children can stay on your auto insurance policy. As more adult children move back home, it becomes a question many people have. At Capalbo Insurance Group LLC, our team can answer that question and many others. We are an independent agency and can offer more choices than a captive agency.

Can adult children remain on their parents’ auto policy?

With more and more adult children opting to return to the nest, many parents are asking questions about having their adult children on their auto insurance. The answer is yes; as long as their permanent address is your home, they can be listed on your auto insurance policy. When it gets a little tricky is when your kids become young adults and move off to college.

You want them to be able to stay on your policy because, for the most part, you can afford better protection than they can and they may be using your vehicle. The key to making this work is to make sure that, even though they live away from home, they don’t change their permanent address. Many college kids do come home to chill during the summer and, so that isn’t a stretch, they still live part of the year at home.

Life has gotten even more complicated with the number of parents who are moving in with their adult children. It has really become a family affair. Be sure to list all the drivers who use your vehicles on a regular basis on the policy, and that should allow you to be one big happy auto insurance family.

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