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8 Quick Safety Tips For Night Driving

Regarding driver safety, the daytime is the optimal time to drive.  At night, you not only have to contend with darkness and things you cannot see but the glare from lights, rain of bugs on the windshield, and precipitation from the weather.

However, at Capalbo Insurance Group LLC in South Kingstown, RI, we understand that most of us cannot avoid the need to drive at night. 

Here are eight quick safety tips to prepare you for navigating the roadway at night:

1.  Wiping down your windshields before dark.

Apply a generous amount of window cleaner to your windshield and clean with a cotton cloth or old newspaper for the best results.  Doing so will eliminate glare from all external lights when driving.

2.  Don’t stare directly into oncoming headlights.

Staring into the lights of oncoming traffic makes it impossible to see when traveling at night.  So, focus on the edge lines to the side of the road when passing oncoming cars. 

3.  Get plenty of rest before getting on the road.

Drowsiness causes a frequent amount of automobile crashes after dark.  So, get plenty of rest when you know you’ll be on the roadway after dark. 

4.  Use high beams when necessary.

Because visibility is lower at night, don’t forget to use your high beams in dimly lit areas to avoid any debris or pedestrians in the roadways.

5.  Minimize the lights in your cabin.

Dimming the lights from your GPS, radio, instrument panels, and dashboard lights will eliminate glare on the windshield and help you see better when navigating the roads at night. 

6.  Drive at a slower rate of speed than you do during the day.

It only makes sense when driving with less visibility that you should go at a lower rate of speed when traveling at night.  If you drive upon something in the roadway after dark, you have less time to react and navigate around it. 

7.  Avoid two-lane highways when possible.

Two-lane highways at night almost guarantee you’ll face the glare of oncoming traffic.  So, try taking interstates and four-lane highways to improve night visibility and safety.

8.  Be watchful for wildlife, especially when traveling in wooded areas.

When night driving, you can spot wildlife on the side of the road because the glare of your headlamps reflects off of their eyes.  Look for their eyes and slow down when passing, especially if you see them coming toward the roadway.

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