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Workers Compensation Insurance in North Kingstown and South Kingstown, RI


Workers compensation insurance reimburses the costs of providing employees with benefits related to on-the-job injuries or illnesses contacted at work.  It’s required for all businesses in Rhode Island, except for sole proprietorships.  Even when it’s not required—as with sole proprietorships—workers compensation is still invaluable. 


Workers compensation makes employees feel comfortable and gives employees confidence that their employers care about their safety, while simultaneously keeping employers from suffering unnecessary financial losses.  At Capalbo Insurance Group, LLC we have a complete, flexible workers compensation insurance program.  We write customized policies and plans for employers in North Kingstown and throughout Southern Rhode Island.  When we write your customized policy or plan, your employees and your operation will be protected.



Rhode Island has state minimum coverage requirements for workers compensation, and while meeting these requirements is important, exceeding these requirements to get appropriate coverage can be a better decision for your business.


Big companies often need very high limits because they have a great number of assets and/or face high-level exposures.  In some cases, small companies working with or for large companies need to have workers compensation insurance that matches the limits of the larger company.  This is another reason why insuring above state minimum requirements is beneficial.


We work with a variety of A-rated carriers to ensure that we find the right insurance companies for our clients.  Finding the right companies for clients is very important to helping keep coverage adequate and premiums affordable. We understand that affordable, adequate coverage is extremely important, especially for high-risk and high-cost industries like roofing.




There are thousands of workers compensation classifications. Are you sure your workers compensation payroll classifications correct? If not, you could be paying more you should be. At Capalbo Insurance Group, LLC, we’ll make sure that won’t happen. Classifying employees correctly will save you money, and protect you from liability. We do this for new policies, and work with you to maintain correct classifications for the length of your policy.


For example, if you are a landscaping company with several landscapers, a manager, and a clerical employee, each employee will be classified according to the appropriate amount of risk. Lee is extremely adamant on making sure this happens, preventing her insureds from being overcharged or under-protected. She takes all factors into consideration, including experience modifications, track records, and histories of good practice employment.


Are you getting all the discounts you are entitled to?  Does your agent assist you with audit questions? Do you know that sometimes incorrect loss information can affect your premium? If you want a uniquely personal and attentive experience with workers compensation that includes the above, and more, contact us or give us a call today.  To start on a policy, request a quote.





At Capalbo Insurance Group we’re proud to provide workers compensation in North Kingstown, South Kingstown, Narragansett, East Greenwich, Coventry, and Warwick, RI.  We also serve other areas in the state and we serve Massachusetts and Connecticut.